Leap Day with the Whales – 29/2/20

We started off this trip by heading out to the Golden Gate Bridge, where we spotted some Harbor Seals, sea lions, and Harbor Porpoises. It was very windy outside the bay, so we looped around Angel Island through Raccoon Strait. On the east side of Angel Island, a passenger spotted a spout. We found the Gray Whale east of the Central Bay, between Angel Island and Alcatraz.

The whale was coming up at 7 minute intervals and fluked often.

The pictures of the flukes and sides of the animal allowed us to identify the individual, who had been seen in San Francisco Bay on February 19, 2020.

We were very lucky to see two breaches from the whale – something I’ve never seen before in San Francisco Bay!

After spending about 45 minutes with the whale, we took a look at Alcatraz before heading back to the dock.


This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here.

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