Lazy Sunday – 20/11/22

Today we had stunning clear skies. There was not one cloud in the sky today.

Since the fishing activity happened inside the fjord yesterday, we had more and more orcas around. The humpies are also everywhere in large groups, so there is quite a bit of life in our fjords.

The fishing activity happens mainly at night, as I learned the herring comes closer to the surface in the dark…

Therefore the orcas had a lazy Sunday. The pod we spent time with was in a very social mood.

Calves were playing and chasing each other around the boat. One caught a herring and brought it to the surface to showcase his success. You can see his tiny teeth as he holds onto that individual herring.

The adults had some private moments while the calves were playing.

For example, 3 adult males were trying to impress a female. So they circled around her, and one of them was swimming on his side/belly several times and making splashes with his pectoral fin.

I noticed something strange in the photo, where the male is on his side. If you look closely at his pectoral fin, you can see a small hole in it… I don’t know what could have happened to him, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. It is fascinating to see.

-Krisztina/Orca Channel

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