Labor Day Monday 2022 – 5/9/22

What an amazing season its been, our best ever

Linda writes:

Once again, many first time whale watching passengers who says that they never knew whales were in the NJ area. Well, now they know! We went north out of the inlet and kept heading north towards the Highlands and Sandy Hook. Sure enough, first one whale and then another on opposite sides of the boat.

They met up for a little bit and then went their own way. We stayed on the one that was away from the shore and it was # 16 which was last seen on Saturday’s trip.

Learned that he had been in the Canadian feeding grounds in the past. He was moving more quickly today than Saturday and we witnessed one lunge feed.

Then it was time to head back and as we were already past Long Branch, there was another whale!

Saw him a few times and then continued on as we needed to catch the bridge and we already had an extra 1/2 hour.

No dolphins on this whale watch but on the dolphin watch in the morning there were dolphins and a whale. It is amazing how on each trip, when we see a whale, the passengers all let out ohs and ahs.

At the end of the trip, when Danielle asks who saw a humpback whale, besides a verbal response, the passengers clap! It was another fun day and hopefully about 2 more months of whale watching ahead as the whales start to migrate south.

-Bill and Linda/Jersey Shore Whale Watch

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