Killer Whales Interact with a Fishing Boat – 22/11/18

Today we have encountered a small pod of orcas.

Within the group there was a tiny little calf, who must have been just a couple of weeks old. The calf was continuously swimming by its mother’s side.

For me it was so powerful to see this little one at the beginning of its life….when everything is still new…and maybe a little scary…

This calf will know everything from its mother by mimicking her, observing and learning…….

The group were hanging out in the area for a while, checking out the fishing vessel’s activities…waiting. One of the fishing boats had a net in the water….The weather was very choppy.

After a while the mother decided to take her calf to have a closer look at the net. Feeding around fishing vessels with nets in the water could be dangerous to orcas because they could get tangled.

However the calf has to learn how to behave and manoeuvre safely around these nets…so today this little calf had one of its life lessons. The mother was very careful and did not take the calf too close and she always positioned herself in between the calf and the net.

I found it fascinating to witness this young animal’s first few steps for a successful learning process for life


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