Killer Whales at a Rubbing Beach! – 08/19

Last year in mid August we were at our family cabin on Savary Island at the Northern end of the Sunshine Coast, just at the entrance to Desolation Sound. We see a great deal of marine life when we are up there.

On this day we were sitting on the beach during a really low tide when we saw 5-8 killer whales playing around near the sandbar. At first we thought there were beached but they were doing it on purpose! You could see them on the sandbar launching up on to it, rolling over, flapping their pecs. It looked like they were rubbing their backs and their bellies. We watched them for about 45 minutes and once the tide came in, they couldn’t get up on the bar anymore so they went on their way. It was a unique experience, we rarely see orcas in the area and if we do its usually one or two just travelling through so this was amazing.


This post was adapted from a voice recording in the fifteenth episode of the Whale Tales Podcast, listen here

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