J19 in Active Pass – 3/4/19

J19 “Shachi” spyhopping on the south side of Active Pass as she, her family and the J16s waited patiently for the rest of J Pod to catch up before entering the pass. The moments while they waited were absolutely incredible. Watching them lay almost motionless at the surface looking at one another, touching, rubbing and playing is one of those moments that remind of you of how lucky you are to spend time with such an incredible sentient being and how important it is to do everything you can do to protect them.


One thought on “J19 in Active Pass – 3/4/19

  1. They are soo beautiful..not just their black and white patches,but their way of life,their emotions,feelings for one another. I mourn alot for Lolita. I dont like to call her this but it is the name she knows. My honest personal feelings are that the captive industry is a complete,total embarrassment to humanity’s intelligence dignity and self individual perspective leadership as well. Our leadership with authority and power to change the law and protect these orca families are shamed,looked down upon as a person,leader and individual character disgruntled. Just sad. But we will never give up fighting for them,loving them,speaking for them. Hurting for them as well. #untilLolitaIsHome She belongs with the SRKWs,not the stupid novia scotia. I think that’s a power thing. She belongs where her family is

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