J17 and Family – 22/6/14

J17 “Princess Angeline” and her family are some of my favourite animals animals to watch! J46 “Star”, really lives up to her name, she makes me laugh out loud on many occasions, but this day she had me confused and then in stitches when I realized what I was looking at. L87 “Onyx”, (the new J1 “Ruffles”) was chasing the fertile females around J28 “Polaris”  and her mother  J17, while J44 “Moby” and J46 were keeping themselves entertained with playful kelping and spy hopping… then I take a closer look squinting in the sunshine thinking that I am looking at a baleen whale playing in the mix…maybe it is a Humpback, perhaps a Minke or is it a Loch Ness creature of the Pacific????? Then the laughter begins….. I realize that it was J46 with a full kelp face mask poking around right below the surface of the water. Just priceless, if I were a member of the Southern Resident Killer Whales she would be my bestie!

J46 with her kelp mask
J46 with her kelp mask


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