J Pod and L Pod Play with a Harbour Porpoise – 28/6/14

Southern Residents J Pod and L Pod enjoying themselves along San Juan Island, playing with a harbour porpoise

J26 “Mike”

L118 Jade surprising us with 3 big breaches real close to the boat.

L118 Jade
L118 “Jade”
H porp and j47
J47 with a Harbour Porpoise
Harbour Porpoise fleeing as J35 Tahlequah chases it down
Harbour Porpoise fleeing as J35 chases it
J35 Tahlequah and J47 Notch after 'playing' with a Harbour Porpoiser
J35 “Tahlequah” and J47 “Notch” after ‘playing’ with a Harbour Porpoise

Working with wild animals never gets boring.  L95 Nigel coming out of nowhere to check us out!

L95 nigel people watching
L95 “Nigel”


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