J Pod and Bigg’s Double Header! – 10/3/19

We traveled south of Campbell River, we ran into J Pod members in between Mitlenatch Island and Vancouver Island. I have seen J Pod a few times before but I have never seen them so spread out. All 6 of them were spread out and just traveling. We first saw L87 “Onyx” and traveled with him for a little bit and we was quite curious of us on the boat. He made a few close passes and once came so close we could see him swimming beside our boat!


We then left L87 and continued over to a small pair of two female orcas that were traveling together but they quickly dove and resurfaced away from us so we continued on to a smaller orca and realized that was J53 “Kiki” swimming by herself well away from any others. She did not seem to interested in us and continued to swim South.


After spending about 3 hours with Jpod we continued south the Comox Valley ferry terminal and ran into the T124A2s and T87 traveling together. They were traveling close together to each other and just seemed to be on the hunt for an easy lunch. They were zigzagging in between dives, popping up on the other side of the boat each time.


They did not seem bothered by us and we continued to follow them for a while before they became interested in us, popping up right behind the boat and beside us, the youngest one started to porpoise more to get a better look at us. But as the sun started to set we had to head back and left the whales.


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