It Begins… – 17/8/09

Let’s go back in time to good old 2009. Justin Bieber was a gearing up for his first release and Barack Obana was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, and I went whale watching. When on first moving to Vancouver, myself and my husband thought of course we should go see whales. So we booked with Wild Whales Vancouver and off we go on their open boat with our naturalist (Gary Sutton). My very first encounter with orca on this coast was a lucky one. We had the T101s and T102. A group of 3 fully grown BIG males and the mother of at least two of then. They were pretty active and we were lucky and got a breach. Not only that but some cute seals and bald eagles on the way back. Here are some mediocre photos…. I got better (trust me if you’ve seen my instragram @kathrynsahara).

You can see more on my youtube site (haakor) and my vimeo sight (user George Taylor). I’d always been very keen on wildlife and have traveled extensively to see animals in their unique habitats always free doing what they will. Well I don’t know if they put something addictive in the water that day but now I have been working as a naturalist at that VERY SAME COMPANY for SIX years now. So here we are in 2018 and I am working on becoming a captain. The T101 family of Bigg’s orca will always have a soft spot in my heart. And in an astounding leap of coincidence. My very first day training as captain we find the T101s and the 100s. I don’t like attaching spiritual significance to animals as hard as it is sometimes to do. However, I could not help feel that seeing the T101s was a good omen for me. That group will always have significance for me though they don’t know it or care.


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