Intoxicating Encounter with a Dall’s Porpoise – 16/10/15

Intoxicated anew . . . it will never get old, this place, its wild beauty and how every day anew there is more to learn and marvel at. Here, a Dall’s Porpoise speeding along in the October sun. They can travel at speeds up to 55 km / hour so it is a rarity to have the good luck to “capture” their beauty like this.


Photos taken while naturalist with Maple Leaf Adventures on the MV Swell (classic tug from 1912 remodelled as an expedition yacht).

This photo shows the porpoise just before surfacing; already exhaling with the air bubbles streaming under the ocean’s surface



Information on Dall’s Porpoise here

Information on the MV Swell here…/maple-leaf-adventures-…

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