Intimate Date with Killer Whales – 30/1/20

An intimate date with Killer Whales unfolded in the Bremer Canyon today as our peaceful morning with the company of our Orca family was especially memorable.

A beautiful and still morning greeted us as the sunshine guided us towards the hunting grounds and soon we were in the presence of the apex predator of our oceans. Orca are incredibly intelligent and will easily recognize the sound of a familiar vessel, a very important reason why our relationship with them is built on trust. Greeting us calmly and surrounding the boat, we cruised together as one through the still southern ocean.

Beautiful clouds in the distance were brewing and it was just us and the Orca enjoying the calm before the storm. It was a very intimate experience as the Orca seemed to know that there was a weather change on the horizon after many calm days and nuzzled in close to us.

It felt like we were watching Orca in the waters of Vancouver as the peaceful conditions were incredibly quiet and all you could hear was the gentle exhale and inhale as each Orca took a deep breath.

The mood of the morning was something very special as the unique weather and Orca seemed intertwined in their energy and it is a day we will always remember.

Wishing them well as we made our way through the gentle pitter patter of rain and enjoyed the moments of our intimate date with Killer Whales.

-Whale Watching Western Australia

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