Insane Encounter with Bigg’s (Transient) Killer Whales – 28/12/17

We were close to Victoria late tonight, after an amazing encounter with the T49As (T49A2 present), who were predating on a harbor seal, when we stumbled upon 15 or more killer whales (T36As, T36Bs, T137s and likely another group)!

T49A, T49A5

Two of these matrilines were sighted in Mendocino last week.

T137A, T36B1 and others

Tonight, they were in pursuit of a large male Steller sea lion seeking refuge near the boat. The hunt continued for close to half an hour, before we slowly motored away and watched as the exposed sea lion became dinner. One of the best trips this year.

New scars on T49A2

Not only did we have the T49As kill a seal up by Spieden, but 5mins from Victoria we found the T36Bs and T137s trying to kill a male steller sea lion!

T137A. He was sighted with his family down in California on December 18th.

Then the T36As and maybe more started porpoising from the southeast to join in! Absolutely freaking insane.

T36A, T137A and T137

Best trip of my entire life!!

T137D, T137 and T137A


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