Incredible Whale and Dolphin Action 30 Miles South of Moriches Inlet – 27/7/19

I ran offshore today with Captain Adrian Mason of Time Flies Charters looking for some blue fin tunas. We knew the Coimbra wreck 30 miles SE of Moriches Inlet was hot so we headed there. Once we arrived we saw a pod of Humpback Whales.

Feeding on sand eels with their mouths wide open. It was such a sight to behold I easily snapped off 100’s of photos.

After that encounter which took about 1/2 hour, we dropped our tuna lures into the water and began to troll. We made several passes close to where the whales were feeding but always maintained a good and safe distance.

We tried for hours to hook up on a tuna but we only had 1 knockdown with whatever it was came off after a few short seconds. But even though we didn’t catch any tuna I feel the trip was a super success with about 30 plus whales, Humpbacks, Fin, Minke and Atlantic White-sided Dolphins by the 100’s plus a sea turtle and about 8 Mola Mola’s I couldn’t have asked for a better day it was like we went to Sea World!

I took over 2000 shots, if you want to see more I put them into 3 separate albums on my Facebook wall please go check them out.


This post was adapted from a blog from Fire Island and Beyond, read the original here

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