Incredible Morning with the T34’s and T37’s – 8/7/17

An incredible morning with the T34s and T37s (minus T37As) — and an introduction to the new T-babies, T34B and T37B2!

Calf T34B, T34A and T37B

They were traveling steadily east into the Strait of Georgia, in a resting formation, where we would later find them in the afternoon.


The killer whales were either really full or really sleepy, passing by two easy meals: a small pod of Harbour Porpoises who were unaware of their presence; and a harbour seal mother with her pup mid-channel, no escape in sight. I call that some luck!!


It was great to see the two new additions – T34B and T37B2 – to the transient mammal-hunting killer whale population. The Transients have become our silver-lining.

T37 (foreground), T34 and new calf T34B

The era of the transients has only just begun.

– Brendon

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