Incredible Encounter with T37A1 – 2/7/19

We found T75Bs, T75Cs and T37A1 in Clayoquot Sound, between Cleland Island and Blunden Island today. They were extremely active and sociable during this encounter, hunting and playing among the kelp beds.

We joined the fleet at Plover Reef where the pod was seen hunting. They appeared to make at least two kills while we were with them.

Boats on scene could hear what was thought to be a sea otter making distress calls after the whales left – Not sure if it was an adult who lost its pup or an orphaned pup. We could not find the otter when we searched the area. The pod moved East to Blunden Island where they milled and eventually began slowly making their way back towards Plover Reef. They were on our Starboard side and we were following them up the West side of Blunden. During a long dive they disappeared and popped up extremely close to us!

We shut down the engines as they milled nearby. Two of the youngest calves approached us and came right up to the bow and looked up from under the water to where I was standing on the bow. After they milled some more and we re-positioned further to the west, we were approached by T37A1 who came to where I was standing at the stern – She rubbed her rostrum on the hull and slid along the boat while blowing bubbles and vocalizing.

It was absolutely incredible to look right into her eye! She gently lifted her tail, as if to wave, as she moved away again.

WOW! Apparently T37A1 also approached another boat earlier in the day!


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