Incredible Day with J Pod – 24/6/12

So, today was kind of incredible … Yeeeeeup, with the whole gang. Beautiful stuff~

It was really interesting, J2 “Granny” was hanging around off Helen Point at the south end of Active Pass, waiting for the rest of Jpod to catch up, who were all down the Mayne Island shore further. We waited with her for at least 20 minutes as the rest of the group made their way toward Active Pass, where J2 was waiting.

J27 “Blackberry”

This whole time, Granny was milling around, spyhopping occasionally, and logging at the surface. She also began to tail slap quite a bit, almost like she was getting impatient and signalling everyone else to hurry up (I know, major anthropomorphizing)! She didn’t enter the pass until everyone was with her. It was really cool to watch!

J8 “Speiden” and J27 “Blackberry”


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