Incredible Day with J and L Pod’s – 4/8/16

j26 waterfall
J26 “Mike” Waterfall

Incredible day with J’s and L’s today.

J26 “Mike”

The morning was unreal….HUGE active group in flat calm seas .

L103 and L123
L103 “Lapis” and L123 “Lazuli”

It’s been a really fun two days hanging out with the Southern Residents who were hanging out in just outside of Vancouver.

L55 Nugget, L82 Katsaka and J19 Shachi
L55 “Nugget”, L82 “Katsaka” and J19 “Shachi”
J50 Scarlet playing with her big sister, J42 Echo
J50 “Scarlet” playing with her big sister, J42 “Echo”

This was one of my favourite moments when J27 “Blackberry” spyhopped right at the stern of our boat!

J31 Tsuchi Check out her blue eye!
J31 “Tsuchi” Check out her blue eye!

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