Incredible Day with Bigg’s Killer Whales and a Grey Whale – 2/8/20

What an incredible day with Tim on our Sea Panda!

We were invited to a “T” party, lol! T065A’s and T137’s near Port Susan and Gray Whale #CRC2356 near Eglon!!

The two Transient Orca families played and played, ate about 3 meals in an hour, played some more and then started travelling South towards Edmonds.

We had a few close passes and just thoroughly enjoyed watching their interactions!

Earlier in the day we went looking for two Humpbacks that were reported near Jefferson Head, didn’t find them, but in the process found gray whale #CRC2356 near Eglon…where we also saw the horses on the beach! Awesome day!!


All photos were taken with a long zoom lens, and heavily zoomed and cropped in editing for detail All whale watch boating guidelines were followed at all times.

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