Hunting Orcas – 26/7/16

For half an hour we watched a mother humpback whale successfully protect her calf from orcas on the hunt. Tired & stressed but fortunate those two humpbacks continued their migration north for the winter.

The pod of 8 orcas then continued to move south still on the hunt following the back of the Ningaloo reef, this time the orcas seemed to as a pack move in a lot quicker on the unexpected mother & calf this time proving to be a successful kill for the killer whales as It was not long until their was blood in the water & the humpback calf was shared about amongst the orcas.

To witness this first hand both a sucessful & unsuccessful kill was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

I feel so privileged to have observed a nature show like no other orcas in hunting mode, after a kill they became quite acrobatic & energetic breaching, spy hopping & showing off their catch to us on the boat.

See a video of this interaction here



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