Humpbacks with Gotham Whale – 12/11/16

I had the pleasure of taking a whale watching trip with Gotham Whale on the American Princess with a great group of friends from Long Island Wildlife Photography and the  Long Island Sun Chasers out of Breezy Point on Saturday.

The weather was perfect with clear skies and calm seas.

The original plan was to head east to check out the Humpback Whales that have been feeding between Long Beach and Jones Beach, however the Captain decided to head toward the Jersey Shore to investigate a different pod he suspected would be south of Sandy Hook.

It turned out to be a great call as we were treated to at least 7 different Whales including what we suspected was a Large Mother and Calf swimming and diving within feet of each other.

Since the Whales don’t seem in any rush to leave this year, Gotham Whale has extended the season until the end of the Month.  I highly recommend this trip, the boat and crew are both top notch and if the Whales cooperate you will have an experience not soon forgotten.


This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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