Humpbacks on the Last Day of the Season! – 14/4/17

Lucky to have captured whales on the last day of the whale season.

This was my third try to capture whales from a boat.  The other two times didn’t go in my favor. That day, the boat captain told the passengers that it was the last day of whale season and we shouldn’t expect much. The captain said that whole week they weren’t able to see anything. So I was a bit disappointed. Not even 20 minutes into the ride, amazingly we spotted a small pod of whales; a mother, 2 calves, and a male. I was so excited to finally see them! I quickly pointed my camera in the direction of the pod and started shooting. At first, the mother was teaching the calf how to slap its tail on the water. Then the calf was tail slapping a few minutes later.

Then the mother suddenly breached from the water! I was so in awe that I couldn’t take a photo! I couldn’t believe my own eyes. These mammals are truly majestic creatures. The calf then decided to mimic the mother and it was breaching from the water for 20 minutes straight. What an incredible experience to see whales out in their natural habitat. Watching a mother and calf interact was an unforgettable experience.


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