Humpbacks in Big Sur! – 24/10/17

I had spent months trying to film humpbacks with a drone from shore but was unsuccessful until this lucky day! I was driving down Highway 1 and caught something out of the corner of my eye, I immediately got excited because only one thing I know of makes a spout and knew it was a humpback! I rushed to find somewhere I could pull off the road and unpacked my drone.

For almost an hour I flew my drone about the whales and enjoyed the encounter!

One whale was just swimming leisurely in the water but the other was playing in the kelp forest, fin slapping the surface, and creating a loud bellowing noise that carried far across the water!

What an incredible encounter!


One thought on “Humpbacks in Big Sur! – 24/10/17

  1. Im so mad i was just there saw porposes headn south 2weeks prior but thank for this my bucket list is to swim with them great stuff

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