Humpbacks from Shore – 10/12/23

Picture this: A Sunday morning, bright and early at 7:30 AM, and the sun is casting a gentle glow on the horizon. What’s unique about this December morning is that it’s a beautiful 55°F on the boardwalk, an uncommon sight for this time of year. As a result, the boardwalk is bustling with people taking in the unusual warmth and enjoying their leisurely strolls. Little did they know that this exceptional morning would gift them with an incredible sight – four whales off the coasts of Belmar and Spring Lake, clearly visible from the boardwalk.

These were not just any whales; they were active humpback whales, engaged in an enthralling display of munch feeding.

The proximity of these majestic giants to the beach and boardwalk allowed a fortunate crowd to witness this spectacle firsthand. It was a truly remarkable moment, and it serves as a reminder that these incredible creatures still grace our shores.

The excitement generated by these close encounters was palpable. Curious onlookers had plenty of questions, and Bill McKim, the captain of Jersey Shore Whale Watch, was on hand to provide answers.

People in Belmar and Spring Lake were eager to know what kind of whales they were observing, their numbers, and why capturing them with a phone camera can be a challenging task. Bill’s advice to capture the essence of the moment was simple: record videos and savor the beautiful memories they create.

Bill’s own camera, a Canon with the ability to shoot 30 frames per second, allowed him to capture these magnificent creatures in action. It’s a reminder of the incredible moments one can witness on a whale-watching expedition.

-Bill/Jersey Shore Whale Watching

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