Humpbacks Feeding in San Francisco – 30/8/19

On our first trip of the day we headed down to Pacifica, where we found four humpback whales feeding close to shore. The whales were lunge feeding in less than 30 feet of water.

We saw other evidence of feeding as well, including the presence of anchovies on the fish finder and a huge group of birds close to where the whales were.

Three of the whales converged on the spot near the birds. They were lunge feeding probably in less than 20 feet of water. After watching these animals for about 40 minutes, we started to head back to port.

At that point we received a report that there was a humpback whale in San Francisco Bay. As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge, we spotted the whale just ahead of us. We stayed with it for about 10 minutes, during which time we saw a fluke dive.

We were able to identify this whale as “Black October”, a whale named by our very own Captain Joe!

On our next trip we headed back out to the Golden Gate Strait and found two humpbacks.

First we watched the one near Baker Beach, which we identified again as “Black October”. We saw one breach from this animal, followed by some fluke diving. The whale appeared to be feeding.

The other whale was across the strait, but moved towards us over the course of the trip. We saw a fluke dive from this animal as well. We spent about 45 minutes with these animals, who were feeding in 130 feet of water and making their way west over the course of the trip.


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