Humpbacks and Birds – 22/6/19

On our first trip of the day we found one humpback whale about ten miles west of Stinson Beach.

The whale was feeding in 90 feet of water. We saw one fluke dive and some lunge feeding from this animal.

A few small fishing boats with outboard motors passed by us. There wasn’t much on the fish finder, but we did see birds diving and hovering over the whales. We spent about 30 minutes with them before heading back to port.

On our second trip we found a humpback whale feeding in roughly the same area. The depth was around 85 feet and we spotted birds hovering over the whale. We spent just over half an hour with this animal before heading back to port. Photos on this trip were taken by naturalist Michael Pierson.

On this trip we found a humpback whale in roughly the same spot as the morning trip. Over the course of the trip the whale headed south, moving from 85 feet of water to 35 feet over a few minutes. We saw lots of feeding activity from this whale, including lunge feeds, fluke dives, and body rolls.

There appeared to be haystacks of krill on the fish finder. We stayed with the whale for about 35 minutes.


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