Humpback Whales off New York City – 19/11/16

On Saturday I had the pleasure of joining Gotham Whale on the American Princess for another day of searching for and finding Humpback Whales within view of the New York City skyline.

Normally the season would be over by now but since the bunker (Menhaden) are still abundant the Humpbacks have also extended their stay.

After a short steam past the Verrazono Narrows Bridge, we started seeing bird activity and shortly after ran into up to four Humpbacks actively feeding on huge pods of bunker.

Unlike last week when the Whales were content to stay in and below the water, today’s group was lunge feeding as you will see in many of the photos below.

As we started to lose light, Captain Frank Desantis gave us a preview of the upcoming Seal Watch cruises by steaming to a favorite spot to check out some Harbor Seals. The ride home was no time to put away the camera as we all enjoyed some unique angles on the City skyline and Coney Island on the way back to Riis Park.


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