Humpback Watching – 25/6/22

Me and my family was on a whale watching boat outside of Boston. When we saw the first whale, the whale’s name was NA-0150 “Spoon” a humpback whale. She had a calf with her (unidentified).

There was a small boat far too close to the whale so the megaphone person told them to back off. They did and the whales stuck around while we were all watching.

Later another humpback (NA-8470 “Pixar”) turned up and started swimming and flipping his tail. He later did a jump (he landed on his tummy) really close to the boat then after that just stuck around before leaving after maybe an hour.

We also say a humpback whale that was named something like ‘Mougel’ but I couldn’t identify him.

Before we left Spoon, who had stuck around, did a flipper splash as to wave us on the boat away. Around that time we had stayed on the boat for over 2 hours and another whale watching tour came around to watch so we had to leave.


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