Humpback vs Orcas – 9/9/20

A pod of 9 or 10 orcas can’t take down a healthy adult humpie but that doesn’t mean they wont try.

You can see the humpie at the back, turned on its side. Humpbacks are fight not flight animals and so it’s slapping its pectoral fin as a warning to keep the orcas away. 🤼‍♂️ If there was a calf with the mother the pod would work together to separate it. This humpback didn’t get attacked as it was too much of a risk for them.

I understand why the orcas are known as the wolves of the ocean, to see them work together was pretty special. 🐺
Amazing to see mother nature at work. 🍃😍🙏🏽

The Humpback did get away, the orcas probably realized they couldn’t take it down 😁

Probably the best day of my life with the best people. After the encounter with the humpback they came over to us and started bow riding and swimming next to the boat Sooo epic! 💙🐼🐬🌈

Was soo cool!


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