Humpback Silently Surfacing – 2000

This was one of my most life changing experiences. We were 4 kayaks in the water with about 20 Humpbacks in one of their favored feeding grounds, near Icy Strait and Glacier Bay National Park. These whales were so sensitive to us….breaching and playing all around us, so close they could capsize any of us in a second…but no….every time they breached, their re-entry was silky smooth and quiet. No wake, no disturbance. So amazing. So breathtaking.⁠⠀⁠

The boat in the background is the “Alaska on the Home Shore”, captained by Jim Kyle of Bellingham, WA, a wise and gentle skipper who brilliantly converted his beloved 62 ft. purse seiner (that he has fished Alaskan salmon for about 50 years) into a Kayak Mothership Adventure Mothership. I was blessed to be his graphic designer and one of his photographers during that time.⁠⠀


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