Humpback Mother and Calf – 13/10/18

Humpback whales are not permanent residents of this side of the world, they visit us every year between July and November, looking for warmer waters to mate and especially to give birth to the calves, feed them during its first months and teach them basics of survival. To get here, they travel 8,000 kilometers, so it is a great privilege to see them.

In the morning we went out for sighting in a small boat, the guides of the Natural Park (it is a reserve protected by the National Government) informed us that because this is an area  where they come to give birth and take care of the calves and where the mothers do not consume any food for months ( there is no krill here) it is not always possible to see them jumping or out of the water.

When we approached the main area we saw a couple of whales (mother and calf) swimming side by side. A show that needs to be appreciated with respect in order to avoid generate stress on them.

After a couple of minutes of following them closely, the calf, right next to our boat, jumped as  showing us what it had learned from its mother. It was an unforgettable and very moving moment for those of us who were there.


We hope to return next year to appreciate them again and continue learning, and generating awareness about their conservation so they can continue visiting us.



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