Hornbill Breaching in the Sunset – 25/8/18

This whale… I’m still in awe over the breaching display he treated us to last night. Not even because of the breaching display itself, but because who it is!

I’ve seen Hornbill many, many times in my 18 years of whale watching, but I’ve only seen him breach once before. He was very active last night. It’s definitely not the norm for him in my experience.  Some Humpback Whales have a reputation of being active while others have a reputation of being more mellow and low key. Hornbill is known for being more mellow and low key, but during tonight’s sunset whale watch something got into him and he breached over and over again for well over a half hour. He was still breaching when we left him because we were out of daylight. I can’t help but wonder what sparked this activity.


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