Herring Hour – 22/1/22

Given the fact that today is already the 22nd of January today, we remained absolutely speechless.

From the moment we found the orcas in the morning until the end of the day feeding was going on in several locations.

The water was boiling from herring and the orcas and humpback whales that surrounded them.

The animals were feeding naturally and even though, it is unusual there is a LOT of herring in the fjord for this time of the year.

We have not seen this many lunge-feeding humpback whales since November….

Our boat (we were alone) was just floating (engine off) in the middle of the feeding and looked at them totally amazed…

We have met some old friends today as well.

A young male, called Stripy (NKW-457 – he has markings in his saddle patch), whose fin last year was still just halfway upright has grown a LOT in just a year and by now his dorsal fin looks fully grown.

We have also met a female, who has been seen in the area every year in the past 6 years. Frøya, (NKW -0607).

It’s very rewarding to see all these familiar fins around

We are so happy that they are still around and hoping that they will stay long.

We were filming ALL day today from the surface and from the air too!!

Got some crazy National Geographic moments on camera, so make sure you get your Orca Channel subscription today!



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