Hello Breaching – 21/9/16

After a few days of bad weather and quiet activity two big Humpback whales greeted us today like long lost friends! Approaching our bow and circling around the vessel a few times saying hello to everyone before moving towards the Busselton Jetty. Once they approached water around 10 meters in depth they decided that was close enough to the iconic jetty and for their sightseeing for the day and began moving slowly back out into Geographe Bay. Just as we were about to wave goodbye to everyone’s great surprise the biggest of the pod breached and what a splash she left behind!

A couple of peduncle slaps and one more breach topped off a fantastic morning of varied Humpback interaction. We enjoyed watching today the curiosity of our Humpbacks as they approached closely to our vessel, the migratory behaviour as they calmly and efficiently moved towards the Busselton Jetty and the spectacular surface activity of communicating Humpback whales. A real privilege to have met these two beauties today and we wish them a safe and fast journey back to their summer feeding grounds of Antarctica 🐳🍤

-Whale Watch Western Australia

This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here

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