Healing with Whales – 01/14

In late January 2014, I took several excursions with Whale Watch Cabo, one to Magdalena Bay and others out of Cabo San Lucas. They were magical for me!! Seeing whales had been at the top of my bucket list for many, many years.

Two years earlier I was given the diagnosis of leukemia and my very first thought was one of regret, that I had never seen that magnificent sight. Well, fortunately, I got the chance to see them and this is something I’ll never forget!!

The first trip out, when I saw the first spout, and then the surface and dive of the whale, I burst into tears!

On later trips, I witnessed repeated breaches and a mother with a calf. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and the company made it so much better with their knowledgeable guides. I’m so grateful

-Sandy Dew as told by Whale Watch Cabo

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