Head Lunge Perfection – 28/10/16

A wonderful Friday morning that had us all excited to see who we could meet today! Mothers and their calves were everywhere we looked and many of these pods had a male escort with them which resulted in a lot of spectacular surface behaviour as the numerous pods began talking to each other.


We had the perfect opportunity this morning to Learn the Language of The Whales™ as they communicated to each other over great and small distances with the young calves really enjoying some play time!

The most incredible head lunging was sighted by a big female Humpback who soon had her calf joining in with baby breaching just off our bow?

Mother Humpbacks will often encourage their calves to practice surface behaviours while in the resting grounds as other pods who are also resting approach and interact together. This generally equals to many separate pods “mingling” together with females allowing their calves to play with other young calves which is a lot of fun for the little ones and very educational too. We were fortunate to see pec, tail and peduncle slapping today with some massive head lunges and breaches thrown in for good measure!

Not just the calves were communicating today but also the females and male escorts which was fantastic to watch as the energy from these big adults you can literally feel… goosebumps

-Whale Watch Western Australia

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