Harbour Porpoises just outside of English Bay – 2022

We even had a day where we just kind of heading out of English Bay. So, you know, like between Point Atkinson and Point Grey. And there was just so many Harbor Porpoise that were clearly feeding, they didn’t care that we were there. They just kept surfacing kind of all over the place. Some were porpoising, maybe chasing maybe some fish, I don’t know. And then they come back porpoising the other way. And there were multiple groups, and they were decent size.

We could just stop and and watch them and my passengers were like, oh, this is really cool. And I was like, yes, it really is. We, we never get to stop for harbor porpoise. Because usually they’re like, “AHHHH! I need to go those people stopped. They saw me I’m not here!”

So yeah, so it was really neat to stop and slow down with them.


This post was adapted from a voice recording in the forty forth episode of the Whale Tales Podcast, listen here

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