Happy World Orca Day! – 15/7/23

July 14th marks World Orca Day for the World! The day is dedicated to protecting orcas and their home, the ocean.

We are lucky to experience “orca day” multiple times yearly due to our work.

Last night we met a small group of orcas (5-6 individuals), including one fully grown male and a playful calf.

The weather and the sea state were perfect. The Midnight Sun painted the sky with striking colors, perfect conditions to observe these magnificent animals. They were extremely relaxed and mingled in the area, seemingly without purpose, only socializing and resting.

The calf came to check us out several times while the others were slowly swimming in bigger circles around it.

The weather was so calm that we could hear onboard the calf vocalizing and squeaking underwater.

I truly enjoyed taking these tranquil images of orcas in mesmerizing light.



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