Happy New Year! – 2/1/23

Finally, we had our first whale-watching trip in 2023 after 2-3 stormy days

The situation was more dynamic than a few days before. Commercial fishing has just kicked off again with the 2022 quotas.

Orcas were hanging all day around the first vessel in the area.

The vessel was looking for herring, so the orcas were socializing around the boat.

We have also had 3 larger groups of humpback whales in the fjord, bending in between the orcas. The fjord was full of whales and orcas. Wherever we looked, something popped up.

We saw 3 female orcas together with their calves chasing seagulls…practicing hunting.

At one particular moment, a juvenile female threw herself sideways and surprised two seagulls…. It is worth looking at the photos and the movement of the seagulls.

I have managed to take pictures of different humpback whales today. You can identify individual whales based on their tail fluke.

One can notice that one of the whales has an injury to his tail fluke….

There is also a photo of a young humpback whale, and you cannot help but notice that it has precisely 4 barnacles on its tail.

It is like when your child gets their first pimples: only 4.

Compared to an adult humpback whale’s tail is covered with barnacles.

Let’s hope we will have whales and orcas around for the coming month. The current number is promising

-Krisztina/Orca Channel


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