Great Day with Breaching Humpbacks – 23/2/18

We had a family boat ride booked hoping to see some whales on Lahaina roads. My parents, my wife and I embarked explaining to our 3 girls that we may see whales, but also may not see whales: it’s not an animatronics show so you never know what to expect. Well, we were in for a treat. It so happens we found on our way 2 separate mother and offspring + A couple and an offspring, all apparently showing their offspring how to jump. For two hours we nearly saw continuous jumps from adults and younglings to the delight of all the family. Watching 40 tons-ish sea mammals jump like this is very impressive and very moving. The beauty of it cannot be overstated.
We got lucky that day, and we have photos to keep the images clear in our minds for the years to come… plus a definite wish to try and see more of them in the future, which cannot be accomplished if we do not carry on raising awareness on keeping biodiversity diverse and protected for future generations.


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