Great Day Out on the Water – 10/4/20

Great day again out there today and eerily quiet on the water except for the police boat that pulled us over haha. We started out with “the twins” T077A and T049C thanks to a report from Rachelle.

They had some epic dives, the longest of which was almost 13 minutes! They ended up sneaking up on some seals and grabbed a couple rock sausages from a nearby reef.
We went searching after that and after a couple stop and scans, Tasli spotted some blows in the distance and it ended up being the T065A’s (minus A5).

They were pretty mellow but T065A6 broke off from the rest and came right over to our boat!

She stopped near the stern, then over to the port side and stopped and looked up before racing back over to the others. It was an amazing and rare moment that had me wondering if she was thinking where the hell we have been!? They eventually made a quick seal kill and then continued on over to Saanich Inlet before we left.

Huge thanks again to Simon for letting us get out there. Means the world.


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