Great Day on the Water with Biggs and a Dall’s Porpoise! – 2/10/19

Wow! What a day on Chilkat! We started the day with a seal and a lion’s mane jellyfish in the Edmonds Marina, then we headed up to the San Juans. We stopped at Whale Rocks and spent some time with the Steller Sea Lions (pics to come), there were also a mated pair of eagles there and one took flight (flight sequence included). Then we stopped at Spieden Island where we saw some of the exotic animals on the island Mouflan Sheep, Fallow Deer and a Sika Deer! Around the corner we found the transient Orcas T018 & T019s!

On the was home we stopped near Lime Kiln lighthouse and played with some Dall’s Porpoise!

Great day on the water, thanks Captain Christopher!!


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