Grays and Humpbacks in the Wind – 30/4/18

On this trip we immediately spotted two Gray Whales by Point Blunt on Angel Island. We didn’t see any flukes from these whales.

They spouted every 2-3 minutes, taking shallow dives. The water was very calm. Many high speed ferries passed us as we floated with the whales.

On our next trip, we heard reports of humpbacks near the bridge, so we headed that way. We found two humpbacks there.

One was near Cavallo Point in Sausalito, while the other was closer to the center span of the bridge.

These whales were showing their flukes.

We were downwind of them, so we got several chances to smell the whale’s breath.

There were tons of harbor seals in the area. We also spotted several species of jellies, including bell medusas, pacific sea nettles, and moon jellies. There was a lot of boat traffic, so we made sure to keep vessel traffic updated on the location of the whales.

On our next trip the wind picked up to about 20 knots. We found the same two humpbacks in roughly the same spot doing the same behavior.

We saw lots of flukes and spouts as the whales fed.

We also spotted many harbor seals and California sea lions There was a good amount of sailboat traffic on this trip as well.


This post was adapted from a blog, read the original here.

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