Gorgeous day with K16, K21, K35 and the J17’s – 25/9/14

The J17s were travelling in a close group with the three “rogue” Kpod whales K16, K35, and K21.

J35, K16, J46, J28, J44
J35, K16, J46, J28, J44

It was a great lighting day combined with gorgeous groups of surfacing whales at the mouth of the Fraser River … a dreamy combo

J2 and L87
J2 “Granny” and L87 “Onyx”
J44 moby popping up next to K21
J44 “Moby: popping up next to K21 “Cappuccino”
K35 sonata with J26 mike in background
K35 “Sonata” with J26 “Mike” in the background
K35 tail lob
K35 tail lob
K16 with B group of J Pod
K16 “Opus” with the B group of J Pod
J34 tail slap
J34 tail slap
J34 and J38
J34 and J38
J34 and J38 brothers
Brothers, J34 “Double Stuf” and J38 “Cookie”
J32 spyhopping AGAIN
J32 and J28 again
J32 and J28

The two most recognizable (I would argue) whales in the population. And hence they are pretty popular.

K21 and J27
K21 “Cappuccino” and J27 “Blackberry”
J27, K21 cappuccino flanking J46 star
J27 “Blackberry,” and K21 “Cappuccino” flanking J46 “Star”
J17 and J27
J17 and J27
J22s with K35
J22’s with K35



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