Frozen 3 – 30/12/21

Another frozen day in paradise with minus 11 Celsius.

In the first half of the day, we found a quite large group of humpback whales. They were in an area with a bit of choppy weather, but we some got good close glimpse.

We saw a least 25 individuals. There were several juveniles in the group, some of them enjoyed the waves and did a few jumps.

There was one individual younger humpback whale, who always got a little bit behind the group and then we saw a jump. We had the feeling that the “left-behind” whale tried to get the other’s attention with the breaching, “Hey, hey guys, wait for me…I am still here.”

Later during the day, we have got a message that orcas have been seen in another fjord. The past few days the general location of the orcas seem to be shifting/changing and now they spent more time in the “new fjord”.

We decided to go check out the orcas. The weather was much calmer there and when we arrived, we quickly realized that the orcas were in a socializing mood.

They welcomed us with 2 spy-hops and continued this activity multiple times during the day.

There was also a triple breach, what we saw on the horizon!! Crazy

Sorry guys, I missed it, no photos of the triple breach. I only managed to catch a single jump on the horizon, with amazing light.

We are soon in 2022, a new year will start, which means we are already over the bigger part of the current season. However, the past few days we have seen 3 species (Orcas, Humpback, and Fin whales) each and every day.

So, we are hoping for a few more weeks in the company of these beautiful giants.



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