Frozen 2 – 6/12/21

Today when we got into the car the thermometer showed -12 Celsius in the morning…

When we drove out of the harbor, we saw the same white mist all over the water surface due to the cold temperature…even though it was cold, the sky was clear. We were treated with amazing colors.

We found a group of orcas in pretty much the same place as yesterday.

They still seemed to be in the socializing mood….Some of the orcas were the same individuals as we saw yesterday.

We were just floating there and watching as they were playing when all of a sudden they went into a “crazy playful” mood…

I have not seen this many jumps for a looong time We entered happy jumping hour with the orcas today. It lasted only for a few minutes, but these kinds of minutes you will never forget in your lifetime….

Today is Saint Nicholas Day when Santa Claus is supposed to treat children with chocolates and little surprises. Today we got our present from the orcas

We have filmed and photographed everything, here comes the result

Hopefully, the FROZEN series will have more amazing encounters this season



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