Foraging Orcas – 28/11/20

We are so busy with the videos and Orca Channel that I take a bit less photos this year. Today I spared time to take some photos as well for you.

The day started a bit lazy with the orcas There were quite a few orcas in the area and all of them looked a bit sleepy and they were resting. We were just watching them from a distance not to disturb them.

But after like 1.5 hours I saw at a distance that a few orcas speeded up a lot and rushing North…

Of course, we joined them…they were porpoising next to our boat. One male came particularly close, probably enjoyed the excitement from the boat

Not long after we figured where the rush was. They sensed some herring and fairly quickly we found ourselves in the middle of a crazy feeding.

Tune in on to see the whole story on video.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos.


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