First Spy Hops – 1/11/22

We have had our first guest trip and it was amazing!

We started the day with humpback whales, a pretty large group, were scouting the area for herring.

After a while a few orcas popped up here and there. Just a few individual animals.

Soon enough, they must have found some herring because more orcas showed up, circling the same spot. Birds started to show up as well.

They were still at the beginning of the process, but we could see already that humpbacks rushed to the scene from a distance.

They jumped into the herring soup too early, so the orcas decided to rest and socialize for a while. They were hoping for some privacy. We saw double, triple spy hops and many orcas resting on the surface!

-Krisztina/Orca Channel

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