First Gray Whale Calf of 2021! – 15/1/21

I saw my first baby Gray whale of the season this afternoon. Mom & baby heading south to the warmer waters of Baja, Mexico. You could still see it’s fetal folds on the back of its neck. This baby could be as young as a couple of days old according to the @danawharf #nonathenaturalist naturalist. Have you ever seen a baby whale? The calves nurse for about 6 months. The mother provides up to 50 gallons of milk each day. Her milk contains 53% fat. Calves gain 60 to 70 pounds a day; this helps them build up blubber for their trip north. Mothers stay near their young to protect, and guide their babies. They spend most their time swimming alongside mom. Babies average 15 feet long at birth. Baby whales are born tail first. Calves weigh about 2,000 pounds at birth.

Seen while whale watching aboard the @danawharf Ocean Adventure. It was such an awesome excursion!


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