Feeding Humpbacks – 15/9/19

On our first trip of the day we were surprised with good visibility and calm sea conditions. We found two humpback whales feeding near the middle of the shipping lane.

The closer whale was moving around quite a bit, seemingly looking for food.

Eventually it found a good spot and we started to see birds hovering over the whale, grabbing at anchovies. The whale was in only 50 feet of water. We stayed with the animal for about 40 minutes.

On our second trip we found two more humpback whales much closer to shore, although still near the middle of the shipping lane.

These whales moved around quite a bit, but we did see hovering birds, indicating some feeding activity. We identified Gator from the flukes of one whale. Gator has been seen in this area many times.

On our final trip we found two humpback whales in almost the same location. We were seeing coordinated dives from these two individuals, who seemed to be moving in large circles.

We saw a fluke dive from one of the animals. I did not recognize the fluke, but it was definitely a different whale than the previous trip. We also had some roll feeding from one of the whales on this trip. Birds hovering over the whales indicated feeding activity as well.


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